Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Why do Penguins Waddle?

Have you ever wondered why penguins waddle? Is it because they have short legs? Or is it because they want to? Is it an adaptation for something? Well, CBS asked that question too and went off to uncover the answer! They had to go all the way to London! Listen to the video to find out....

Summary: Penguins waddle because the back and forth movement helps them to use less energy!

I also found this cute picture of penguins in sweaters that I had to share. The sweaters were made for the penguins in Australia to keep the birds from eating the oil on their bodies before workers could give them a bath, after an oil spill.

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Como Zoo Welcomes Baby Arlene

It's a Girl! Arlene, the newest member of the Como Zoo family, is saying hello world! On February 22nd, Dara gave birth to a healthy 5 pound girl. The pair are doing well and will be formally introduced later this month. 
Dara and Arlene snuggling!