Friday, February 6, 2015

Breaking News: 1st Graders report on the Arctic

This just in... 1st graders at Pullman report what they know about two arctic animals. Check them out!

Monday, February 2, 2015

BLUE Volcano Erupts!

Wait a minute! I thought that lava was red! Did you read what I wrote correctly? Yes, you did! There is a volcano in Indonesia (see the map below) that has BLUE fire coming from it!

What makes it blue you ask? I'm so glad that you asked! There is a stinky, yellow rock called sulfur (you may remember it from science class if you are in grades 3-5). Local people mine the sulfur for money, but it is a dangerous job. Not only is sulfur very flammable, which means it can explode easily, but it is poisonous to breath. (That is why the scientists in the video are wearing masks!) In the video below you can see all the sulfur, it is yellow, on the volcano. When the volcano erupts the sulfur lights on fire and burns blue. The video is in a different language but it shows how some scientists are getting a good look at the volcano.

Here is another video on how the sulfur is mined, in case you are curious! :) It was on a show called "World's Most Dangerous Job."

I sure wish I could see the Blue Volcano! Don't you?