Thursday, January 29, 2015

Breaking News: 3rd Grades Learn about the Rock Cycle

Check out Mrs. Shaffer's class.... 

P.S. If you are interested in recording your own news report, please come see me! 

Monday, January 26, 2015

Huge Astroid Passes Close to Earth

Get your binoculars out everyone! Scientists are expecting a rare glimpse at a big astroid that will come close to Earth! What is an astroid you ask? An astroid is actually just a space rock. They can vary in size from a few pieces of dust to miles long! Although we will need binoculars to see the astroid, which scientists have named 2004 BL86, don't be fooled! 2004 BL86 is actually about the size of 5 football fields! Don't worry though, when scientists say "close to Earth" they are actually talking about the distance three times the distance from Earth to the Moon. 

Make sure to check it out tonight (Monday), because the next time an astroid will come this close to Earth is in the year 2027! The best time to view it will be from 10:07-10:52pm. 

Don't have binoculars? Watch it live online clicking here: Virtual Telescope

Monday, January 12, 2015

Scientists have printed a CAR!

Are you thinking to yourself, a WHAT? I sure am. Scientists have printed a car that actually works. It's name is Strati (which means "layers" in Italian.) This name is quite fitting as this car is printed, using a giant 3D printer, layer by layer from the bottom up. The body of the car is one piece and has been driven on the road. It took 44 hours for this car to be printed (That is almost 2 days!). 

Printing a car is not easy as it seems though. Scientists had many failed attempts at making the Strati. At first the car split in half when it got cold. (That wouldn't be helpful in Minnesota, would it?) But just as scientists do, they tried something else, and something else, until they were successful.

Click here to read all about the Strati!  

Interested in printing a car, or something else some day? Then you should become an engineer. An engineer is someone who solves problems. (I guess that makes us all some kind of engineer.) Did you know that some of our High Schools here in district 833 have 3D printers? They do, maybe you can use them when you are in high school. 

What are some other things you could print? What are some things you think would help the people around you that could be printed with a 3D printer? Comment below...