Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Pullman is in the Newspaper!

We are famous!!! I know that you all had Mrs. Penz come into your classes last week to do an hour of code. When she visited Mrs. Barringer's class there was an extra "student," a newspaper journalist. The journalist wanted to know how and why elementary school students are learning to program. Could you tell him?

Click here to read the Pioneer Press article

Why learn to code? Watch the video below to find out!

Interested in more coding? Look at the picture below. Where is it?

See the "white" house in the back of the picture? That would be the REAL white house, where the president lives. Do you want to be famous too? You can code a light display that will ACTUALLY play on the big National Holiday Tree that you see in the front of the picture! (It even tells you what time it will play!) That is so cool! Click the link below and get coding!

Code the National Holiday Tree

Thursday, December 11, 2014

Oldest Dinosaur Discovered in Montana is from Asia!

Do you like dinosaurs? I sure do! Did you think they have all been discovered by now? If you said yes, you are wrong! The oldest horned dinosaurs in the USA was discovered in Montana in 1997, but now they have figured out these dinosaurs were originally from Asia. (I wonder how they got here?) Here is a picture of the US. Can you find Minnesota and Montana? (Hint: Minnesota is light blue and Montana is teal)

Here is the place in Montana were they discovered the fossils! (Check out the color of those rocks!) 

If you are thinking of Triceratops for our newest horned dinosaur, you are thinking a little large. The size of Aquilops, which means eagle face, is about the size of a crow. If you were alive in the time of this dinosaur you might have kept it as a pet! (Especially because if you look closely at it's teeth you may notice they are flat, which lets us infer they were herbivores-or plant eaters.) Check ou the link below to read more about Aquilops! 

Click Here to read more about Aquilops

Here is what scientists think they could have looked like. 
(We don't know for sure since skin is not be fossilized!) 

Here is Aquilops' skull fossil

What do you think, would you have liked him/her for a pet?

Friday, December 5, 2014

3,2,1 Blast Off! NASA sends spacecraft to space!

Houston, we have lift off!!! NASA sent a space shuttle to orbit, or go around, Earth. The space shuttle's name is Orion. There were no people on board, but do worry, there were some strange things that are now orbiting Earth. These include: Cookie Monster's Cookie, Ernie's Rubber Ducky, Moon Dirt, and a T-Rex Fossil. Weird, I know! But now these things circling above our heads. 

Why should you care? Orion, is a test space ship to get ready to send people to Mars. This won't be for a while though. NASA is hoping to send astronauts to Mars in 2030, which means that the astronauts are in elementary school right now. And guess what? That means YOU, could be the next person to orbit Earth and the first person to land on Mars!!! Leave a comment if you would like to be the first person on Mars. 

Here is a video of the lift off this morning (Friday, December 5th, 2014)

Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Flaming Turkeys?!?!

Since Thanksgiving is over now I thought I would give you a riddle... 

What do you get when you add a frozen turkey to super hot oil?
A firebird! :) 

Check out the article, and video, about why the turkey will turn into a firebird! 
It is important that you do NOT TRY THIS AT HOME!!! 

How Not to Deep Fry A Turkey